Wednesday, November 29, 2006

User-defined fields in Word templates?

Just came across a newsgroup thread where someone from Microsoft mentioned that in Office Accounting 2007, they added the ability to include user-defined fields in your invoice templates and other Microsoft Word templates. This is a BIG deal. It sounds simple and I'll need to go check this out. Here is how it is described in the post:
"If you use Office Accounting 2007, please try the following:
On the quote/order/invoice form, go to Actions->Manage Word Templates and
select the template you want to modify.
Word will be launched and have the template loaded. On the "Document
Actions" pane on the right side of the Word window, you will see the list of
fields that includes several "User-Defined Fields". You can double click any
field in the list to add the field to the Word template."


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At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Victor Black said...

I realize this is not a support forum. However, you appear to be a very knowledgeable and informed person on this program.
I am considering switching to MS SBA. One thing that stops me is the way MS handles templates for invoices, sales orders, etc.
The best I can figure, the two default templates (Service and Product) are the only possible options for "Select Template" drop down. If you want to use a customized template, you have to export the invoice to Word, select your template and print from there. This is crazy. In QB once you customize a tempalte and use it you never have to tell it anything again. It uses that template untill you tell it differently.
Am I missing something? Is there a way to more easily use customized templates in SBA?

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