Thursday, September 22, 2005

Useful Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys for a blog post? Sure, who doesn't want to be more productive using any application? I thought it might be interesting to post a bunch of the more interesting keyboard shortcuts for SBA. Some of these are pretty darn handy, especially the account register and journal entry shortucts. Most of these can be used anywhere in the application except where noted:


Company home
Ctrl + 1

Customer home
Ctrl + 2

Vendor home
Ctrl + 3

Employee home
Ctrl + 4

Banking home
Ctrl + 5

Reporting home
Ctrl + 6

View bank acct register
Ctrl + r

Create new journal entry
Ctrl + j

New invoice
Ctrl + i

Ctrl + p

Save form
Ctrl + s

Cancel/Close (window)


Open chart of accounts
Ctrl + Shift + a

Open customer list
Ctrl + Shift + c

Open job list
Ctrl + Shift + j

Open vendor list
Ctrl + Shift + v

Open empoyee list
Ctrl + Shift + e

Open quote list
Ctrl + Shift + q

Open sales order list
Ctrl + Shift + o

Open invoice list
Ctrl + Shift + i

Open purchase order list
Ctrl + Shift + p

Open bill list
Ctrl + Shift + b

Open item list
Ctrl + Shift + u

Open new check
Ctrl + Shift + w

Open journal entry list
Ctrl + Shift + y

Open memorized documents list
Ctrl + Shift + o

Find (from list)
Ctrl + f

Create new (from list)
Ctrl + n

Move to next record
Ctrl + >

Move to previous record
Ctrl + <

Although it's not really a shortcut key, I'd really like to see them add the ability to move between fields with the Enter key (instead of just tab).


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Kollen Glynn [MS] said...

You should be able to move between fields with the Enter key if the currently focused control doesn't handle it.

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Chris S said...

Amen to that...


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