Friday, October 14, 2005

"Microsoft vs. Intuit: The Battle Begins" (CPA Technology Advisor)

Three new articles hit the web today on CPA Technology Advisor that continue down the path of pitting Microsoft Small Business Accounting against Quickbooks directly and leaving Peachtree and the other accounting packages pretty much out to dry. Of particular interest is the dismissive attitude from the other accounting vendors in the second article.
Recommending The Right Small Business Accounting Solution To Your Client: Understanding the key differences between Intuit’s QuickBooks and Microsoft’s Small Business Accounting software

"Microsoft’s introduction of Small Business Accounting (SBA) has had a positive impact on the small business software market. Microsoft has built this product from the ground up. Consequently, the development team was able to create new features and innovations with the product that take advantage of the Windows platform in ways never seen before. By bundling SBA with Microsoft Office and taking advantage of SQL server database technology, Microsoft has forced competitors to reconsider their current strategy and product features. It has also given consumers a reason to stop and think about their accounting solutions for their small businesses. What should you be recommending to your clients based on this new entry to the market? To appropriately advise your clients, you’ll need to do the following:"

Microsoft’s Entrance Draws Attention Of SMB Accounting Vendors
"Over the last year, much of the attention in the small business accounting area has been focused on the brewing showdown between Intuit’s QuickBooks software and the just-released Small Business Accounting program from Microsoft. The entrance of Microsoft will likely have major effects on this market in the coming years, and the increased competition should spur continued development of functionality and features in accounting software. QuickBooks currently accounts for about 90 percent of the small business accounting software sold at retail stores each year."
Should You Consult For Microsoft, Intuit Or Both? A Developer’s Perspective

"Microsoft’s release of Small Business Accounting 2006 (SBA) carries with it excitement and top-level positioning in the minds of small business owners. This is Microsoft’s marketing machine in action. The impact on your firm is that your clients and prospects expect informed guidance regarding their accounting software in general, and SBA in specific. Each time the topic comes up, a new opportunity arises to strengthen client relationships, gain new clients and grow revenues."


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