Friday, September 23, 2005

Kathy Yakal reviews SBA (PC Magazine)

Kathy is well regarded for her broad and deep reviews of small business accounting software. Her head-to-head round-up from last year didn't include SBA, but I fully expect to see it in the next one (early '06?). In the meantime, here is what she had to say about SBA earlier this month:

"After numerous attempts over the years, Microsoft has finally done it. The company has produced a small-business accounting package that holds its own against the long-established rival products available. Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 will serve many small businesses well, especially in view of its tight integration with Microsoft Office. Its ability to run five simultaneous users may also make it appealing to larger companies.

Not only does SBA play nicely with Word and Excel, which we would expect, but it has a new and special relationship with Outlook, specifically the Business Contact Manager in Outlook 2003. You can easily share data between the two..."

Full SBA review:,1895,1861184,00.asp

Note, this review does not include the features contained in the SBA updates from 9/7: SBA SP1 and QB Migration.


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